portaTRAK is a unique tracking system designed for the fast issue and return of portable toolkits with multiple items using accurate weight measurement.


Step 1

To use the portaTRAK, the user swipes their access badge and enters a tail number which logs them in.

Step 2

The user places the portable toolkit on the scales and it will be recognized by the portaTRAK using an RFID tagging system.

Step 3

The weight of the kit is checked against the recorded weight level.  If the weight matches the stored level the kit will be issued or returned.

Step 4

The portaTRAK has a green display when all tools are present or red when any tools are out. When tools are out, simply touching the display opens a list of tools issued and the user that took them.



Multiple portaTRAK units can be used seamlessly and they can also be used alongside kabTRAK and cribTRAK. This allows us to tailor a tool tracking solution to your specific requirements.




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