kabTRAK is an Automated Tool Control box designed for Point Of Use tool issuance with total access control and tracking. A premium quality cabinet fitted out with reliable hardware and designed to make advanced tool control as effortless and simple for the engineer as it can possibly be.


Step 1

To use the kabTRAK, the user presents their access badge and may enter a tail number or work order to unlock the cabinet.  Tools are presented in professional inlays so they can be instantly located.

Step 2

When the drawer is open the screen will instantly display a live infographic with the status of each tool - tools available, tools issued to other users and tools issued to current user.  This makes it easier to return tools to the correct position.


Step 3

Once the drawer is closed the user can instantly lock the cabinet at the push of a button.  If the cabinet is left unlocked it will automatically lock after a short lapse of time.

Tool status

The locked cabinet has a green display when all tools are present or red when any tools are out. The status of all tooling against aircraft is updated on the cloud based portal, and reports can be generated.


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